Inlet Protection

Protection Inlet is a three-dimensional tubular sediment control and storm water filtration device designed for storm drain and curb inlet protection. Sediment and soluble pollutants (such as phosphorus and petroleum hydrocarbons) are filtered from runoff water as it passes through the organic structure, and by allowing water to temporarily pond behind the Inlet protection, allowing deposition of suspended solids.

Inlet protection has emerged as one of the most important BMP’s for a job site in today’s construction industry. Stormwater inlets are designed to drain the runoff from drainage easements, parking lots, and other impervious surfaces. Drop and curb inlets can be the last line of defense preventing sediment laden runoff from entering the stormwater system. These inlet protection structures can provide filtration, reduced flow velocity, and removal of pollutants. Colonial has many products that can match your needs for either curb or drop inlets. We stock the most common sizes for any municipality and can offer custom sizes on any of the products listed

Call us today for a site inspection and evaluation of your inlet inserts to determine what condition and possible maintenance may be needed to keep your site in compliance we offer :

  • Silt Fence
  • Mulch Filter Bags
  • Rock Bags
  • Wattles
  • DOT Area Inlet Boxes
  • Gravel Filters